1. Education For Future Workforce.

    A big idea by: Ottorino Dugo

    There should be an urgent push in creating or even doubling the number of IT courses and degrees available in the very near future throughout the entire education spectrum. The extrordiny speed at which technology is currently going

  2. Exams that require students to ask questions

    A big idea by: Bill Keane

    Academic ability is assessed primarily by the student's capacity to answer questions, but what does that test or value? What if student assessment required a dialogue in which students and teachers were required to ask and answer questions?

  3. Teach coding in schools

    A big idea by: Jessica Fuller

    As technology growth persists STEM skills are becoming increasingly important in many industries. Teaching coding in schools will help ensure that the next generation of workers have the tools and skills to thrive.

And the winners are...

Here are the winners and shortlisted ideas.

The Energy Crisis

The Future of Work

Housing Affordability

Thriving Kids