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Australia's most energy efficient homes

A big idea by: Olivia Lanchester

Run an annual competition seeking Australia's net zero energy homes. Promote the prize winner(s) and ask them for best tips on energy efficiency, including the cost of solar technology and reduction of energy bills.

  1. Help the unemployed and retirees

    A big idea by: Roberta Cava

    In Canada, every employee and employer pay into a fund that employees can use if they become unemployed, go on maternity leave, or are taking an apprenticeship program. Also, both the employer and the employee pay into their Canada Pension Fund.

  2. Surfventure

    A big idea by: Amanda sCOTT

    My idea is to bring the ocean (and water craft riding) to those children who have had a disadvantaged start in life, to help develop a sense of connection, belonging and purpose in each child.

  3. They Got it All Wrong

    A big idea by: Graham Paterson

    All employment is related to the nation's economy, and the way the economy fuctions is based on outmoded ideas and concepts fronm the 19th century that are still used today.

  4. They Got it All Wrong

    A big idea by: Graham Paterson

    The concept of a nation's economy is the basis and controlling factor for all employment in the nation. The way the economy functions is based on outmoded and incorrect assumptions dating back to the 19th century. This needs to be corrected.

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