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Australia's most energy efficient homes

A big idea by: Olivia Lanchester

Run an annual competition seeking Australia's net zero energy homes. Promote the prize winner(s) and ask them for best tips on energy efficiency, including the cost of solar technology and reduction of energy bills.

  1. Restrict working week

    A big idea by: Kathleen Matthews-Ward

    Restrict the working week to 35 hours as France has done to share the work around. Even better, reduce it further and require a component of voluntary work as well.

  2. Obvious but not seen

    A big idea by: Geoffrey Warrener

    There is only one thing you can do in a city office - you cant weld a tank, shoe a horse, construct, disassemble or manufacture. The only thing you can do in an office is exchange information I can exchange information from my home office

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The Energy Crisis

The Future of Work

Housing Affordability

Thriving Kids