Please don't do your own dentistry. Seek someone who has the training and experience to fulfil your needs in that area.The same applies in choosing the people to run the energy sector.Electricians should run the system NOT politicians or academics.

Electricity consumption in our capital cities is like a high jump event for our supply authorities. Consumers need to understand this so that we can have a more responsible attitude toward this vital resource.As with a high jump event,its not about the lead up,its about how high the demand will reach.Most of the resources are expended in that short window of time. The poles,wires and transformers need to be capable of reaching the highest peak.Unfortunately,solar power does NOT provide much assistance to the grid at times of consumer peak demand (4pm -8pm) I have worked in the energy sector for over 40 years and have actually invented a device that would minimise the risk of blackouts and brown outs. I have explained the device to people who work in the energy sector and they agree with my strategy but when i explained it to my local state member she directed me toward The Department of Innovation who asked me how much money I had to spend on the device !!?? I was shocked and discouraged. But I am still willing to offer this technology to my country.I wonder whether you people are genuine Im sorry. Simply put, the device (frog box) activates a load limiting device during times of grid stress, It means that each house would have access to a modest amount of load during times of stress. It must be stressed that its the simultaneous use of appliances that is the problem in this country.No academic show pony has stated this in the public media. They have no practical experience. There is another device that I am now recommending to customers to reduce their air conditioning/cooling costs. It would also greatly reduce the stress on our electricity grid during the summer. It is a suction fan that can be installed in the roof cavity with the hot air ducted out to the soffeit. This creates a negative air pressure in that roof space.Consequently,when a 20cm x 10cm snap vent is cut into the ceiling of each room then there is movement of fresh air through the whole house and roof space every hour. The running cost is about $1/ 100 hours!! The equivalent in traditional air conditioning would be $1/hour. Our energy crisis is a crisis in experience and understanding. Most people don't even know what questions to ask. We were told that the introduction of multiple electricity retailers and rooftop solar would reduce electricity prices. Smoke and mirrors folks. Lets invite responsible tradesmen back to to what we do every day. Lets stop[ doing our own dentistry. Barney Boland 0418733388