The government sets criteria for Child Development Centre demanding higher skill worker. Businesses must obtain the "child development" status in order for their customers to get full government subsidy.

We must work upon ourselves before we are able to work on the next generation. The caregivers must first be developed before they can develop the children.

Unfortunately, there is limited career development or upskilling for caregivers. Childcare centres have limited financial resources and need to be business orientated. Caregivers receive limited earning and unlikely to spend substantial personal savings for upskilling.

The government should set clear criteria to distinguish "childcare centre" and "child development centre" with a 2 years transition period. Any centre unable to obtain the childcare development centre status will face a reduction in government childcare subsidy. That is, the parents who send their children to a "childcare centre" will receive reduced government support in childcare. Naturally, parents will want to send their children to a "child development centre" to receive full government support and better services. This will motivate the existing childcare centre to upskill their workforce to obtain the child development centre status.

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