By utilizing inexpensive fresnel lens technology and tracking solar radiation to concentrate energy to heat water for domestic use. A small solar array attached to the tracker provides low voltage power for roofspace ventilation.

Water and space heating are the two greatest energy demands in domestic abodes and thereby are expensive necessities in today's climate of runaway energy costs. By supplementing solar energy in a compact and efficient way, it is possible to offset the energy requirements for water heating and roofspace convection processes.

The system works in tandem, firstly by employing a tracking fresnel lens array (multiple lenses on a single sheet) to concentrate solar energy onto individual cells and heating water for storage by existing mains pressure heaters supplemented by the grid supply. Secondly, by employing small silicon solar panels attached to the tracker, electrical energy is produced to power the tracker system and drive a roofspace ventilation fan to either cool (draw off the heat in summer) or heat the space (pass air across the cells in winter) and reducing overall energy requirements and costs.

The technology is available, relatively inexpensive and reliable. Most importantly, it is totally renewable, produces no pollutants and once installed, completely free.

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