Alignment of distributed generation and customer load profiles at a TNI level to provide an unbeatable pricing for energy consumers (removal of the energy retailers for ever).... all from my couch in my ugg-boots :)

Nobody likes their energy retailer....Do we actually need retailers or will software allow us to remove the retailers from the energy equation all together? AEMO's Small Generation Aggregator market framework (which we have) with some type 1-4 interval metering under the same TNI will allow us to effectively settle pricing based on the 30 minute market trading interval. What this means in normal human language, imagine an umbrella (TNI) under the umbrella in location A is a customer who consumes energy (A) In location B under the umbrella you have a generator. These two sites (A) and (B) can transact energy on a 30 minute trading interval without being directly connected to one another.... under the same umbrella (TNI). We know this works because we are currently doing it, however we need some support to bring this to market for customers other then ourselves...

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