My idea is to use wind and solar energy, at the same time, to provide clean energy to remote towns in a cost effective way.

Wind energy is strongest in the higher altitude. Skyte is a power generator system that is flown at high altitude - like a giant kite. The main body is made up of solar generating materials and it holds wind turbines that are exposed to strong winds. Electricity flows through the cable to the mini power station on the ground that then feeds to a house (or houses).

This system will work well in very remote communities in Australia where it is not viable to connect electricity to them.

It will provide them with electricity during the day through solar and wind energy and electricity at night using wind energy and stored energy.

It will also work in remote towns in poor countries as it is relatively cheap to install.

The challenges that will require some research are: will Skyte remain airbourne 24 hours a day all year round, will high altitude systems be a problem with aviation, will Skyte withstands high winds or rain, will the power it generates enough to power a house or houses and what will be the environmental impact.

However I believe that it is worth the research as it has the capability to solve the problem in how to provide electricity in remote towns the cleanest and most cost effective way.