A unique non-messy system that will change your perception to papermaking forever! Fine quality lightweight stationery that answers "why bother" recycling. Fun for every age with endless extensions encompassing both EYLF & STEM disciplines.

Two Ancient Arts have eluded generations; papermaking & marbling, engaging a general interest across a wide sector of the community. This is something that Grandma can do with their grandchild, when I am teaching in schools, children are so focused & amazed...Wow it's like magic'then lots of questions follow as their imaginations are sparked, there is no competition, smart children are no better & special needs children always want to make just one more. These peaceful arts are for the child & inner child, arousing the senses that feeds the soul, inspiring fun, curiosity & creativity. Warning it an be addictive: What to try first, something for everyone to be excited about: Marbling (water based paints) Templates (A4/5 paper, envelopes, gift-tags, hearts),Embossed lace stationary, Vat inclusions eg bougainvillea petals, seaweed, pencil sharpening's, Natural dyeing from the school garden eg beetroot, onion, tea natural pigments from plants & mineral ochres, Embedded seed plantable gifts, Fibre only paper eg dandelion, banana leaves, eggshell, Printed cards (ink-jet printer) Embedded pressed flowers, Scented paper, Paper cast bowls, Origami, Handprint keepsakes, Creative pulp moulds, Briquette brick maker (pulp building blocks), Handmade books & even Secret invisible writing paper. Let's keep the Ancient Art of letter writing Alive!
Teacher resource kits need to be made available with Utube tutorials &lesson plans & subject themes that map the curriculum.

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