The government provides jobs with a living wage for everyone who wants work and can not find suitable work in the private sector. These jobs should emphasise work that the private sector overlooks or ignores the external costs of.

If there is unemployment then the government is not spending enough. The deficit should be expanded to cover full employment. The return benefits of such a program are high, both in personal benefits to the employee from having secure work, and also to the economy down the track as unemployment generates undesirable costs such as increased health care, higher crime rates and more instability in families. The job guarantee should focus on improving sustainability rather than the current economic growth at any cost model that drives private sector growth. Programs should focus on benefiting society, e.g. - environmental renewal (reforestation, preventing coastal erosion, clearing pollution) - recycling initiatives that are not economically viable for private sector (e.g. door to door collection services) - community sports programs (hint, take the 2 billion flagged to rebuild stadiums in NSW) - personal assistance to less able members of the community

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