To assist people who are fighting or recovering from cancer gain employment through developing partnerships and relationships with companies.

The idea came from my personal battle with cancer and the relization that I would never be able to return to my previous career due to the side effects of the sickness and treatments. I would like to set up a labour hire company that can assist to place people fighting cancer in part time work with partnership companies whilst going through treatment and assist people to return to work full time in the long run.A lot of patients have several months off treatment at a time this is the key area I am targeting to help people find work that is suitable and manageable for both them and the employer. Currently there are 10's of thousands of people who fit the above with a huge set of skills and knowledge that I am sure could benifit many industries.This would not only give the person something to focus on other than their next test results but would save millions in social security payments for sickness benifits etc. The plan would be a not for profit company with any profits going to cancer reserch and or treatments.

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