Residential housing estates have millions of square metres of fencing that serves a purpose in providing a boundary line, offering security and keeping the dogs in or out. Fences generally stand dormant and could be utilised for energy generation.

Elon Musk developed roof tiles / shingles that can harness solar energy as well as to continue providing waterproof roof shelter. A variation on this idea is making use of the combined surface area of a fence to generate clean energy. Tiles or shingles need not be solely placed on a roof. Fence materials can be manufactured to also serve a purpose in the construction of a multi-functional security and boundary fence which generates energy utilised by the household. An alternative is to use an array of solar evacuated tubes, similar to commercially available hot water systems, that are integrated and constructed as a fence. How many fences have you touched that get very hot through the day ? Why not better utilise that square meterage of your fence to help subsidise your living expenses ?

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