Enabling first home buyers to use grant would help keep younger people in struggling rural towns where large number of existing homes are for sale

Many young people want to stay in their outback rural town, but as they cannot use the grant for an existing home, they move to the city and rent. Many small towns - it is not practical to build new homes when there are over 450 existing homes for sale! Disgusted with Curtis Pitt's comments - he seems to think that 'regional areas' are only along the coast line. Go out WEST where many towns are dying, and young people are leaving. Many young - and older - people want to stay working in the rural areas, and want to buy a home. It is not practical to build a new home every time. Some towns have hundreds of homes for sale and it is not practical to build new residents. Many a time to build a house, you have to bring in builders from larger towns anyway! Extend the 1st home owners grants to existing homes in regional areas.

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