This idea is probably in no way original, however as an ethical society those on new start payments should receive a concession or lower rate than those of medium or immense income. I propose that there are three rates calculated based on income.

Energy in this day and age is a commodity that is sold at great expense, but it is a vital element in our society. Those on New Start (the dole) are struggling to pay their electricity bills even without using the heater or air conditioning. There are many whom can't pay and are forced to seek assistance from charitable organisations like the salvation army. I ask you should a family be forced to forgo food or other vital necessities in order to pay for electricity to heat their meals or keep the lights on. The rise in energy prices are making the lives of the poor more difficult than is necessary and it is the innocent children of these families who are suffering the most thereby influencing their development and effecting the rest of their lives not to mention the old age pensioners who have worked their entire lives and ended up with nothing to show for it. If we make changes to the price of electricity and charge the those who can afford the higher rates more we can take some of the burden of these people. If we believe that this should be an ethical society this is just one of the things we need to do.

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