In the forested parts of Australia, there is a huge amount of green waste left to rot, or dry or fuel bushfires while some of it could be used in small power production units.

Sugar Cane plants in Queensland use such small units to be power sufficient. On the other hand, locals or park managment staff burn green waste to reduce risks of bushfires.Was is not burnt is left to rot, which also produces CO2.Unskilled labour only is required to gather this fuel, thus a secondary purpose for integration of new migrants, and reducing bushfire risks notonly saves lifes but saves money too, hence the economic validation ofthis idea. It's nothing new, Europe has been doing that for centuries as part of sustainable management of public and private forests. In hilly regions, power produced during off-pick hours can be used to pump water up to elevated dams, to produce hydro-electricity at pick demand time.

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