This is a long, long term idea. That the future task of all people will become the search for identity and to find out who they really are. The first step in this search is to ask, 'What are my material needs to achieve this?'

The idea has evolved from a consideration of the main tasks of humans over the last 250,000 years. Until around 10,000 years ago survival was the main game. Once we started to live in towns we have spent a lot of time creating an easier, richer life partly through innovation and acquisition of material goods. Philosophical, religious, political, scientific and economic ideas were also part of this development. We have reached a point where people theoretically can meet their materials needs and we can now focus on Maslow's last need - the need to reach self-actualisation. Aboriginal Australian culture informs this idea with the edict to 'just take what you need'. A huge psychological, philosophical shift.