Featured Idea

Australia's most energy efficient homes

A big idea by: Olivia Lanchester

Run an annual competition seeking Australia's net zero energy homes. Promote the prize winner(s) and ask them for best tips on energy efficiency, including the cost of solar technology and reduction of energy bills.

  1. Power to the people

    A big idea by: Brian Hull

    My idea is the 3 tiers of government buy and install the Infratech CLES system on public buildings using the electricity,heated cooled air and sell the oxygen and hydrogen.

  2. Limit the price increase

    A big idea by: Kenneth Murray

    Employ a panel of ordinary people similar to a Jury for a Court hearing to hear why there needs to be any price increase and select new people each time.

  3. Exams that require students to ask questions

    A big idea by: Bill Keane

    Academic ability is assessed primarily by the student's capacity to answer questions, but what does that test or value? What if student assessment required a dialogue in which students and teachers were required to ask and answer questions?

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The Energy Crisis

The Future of Work

Housing Affordability

Thriving Kids