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Australia's most energy efficient homes

A big idea by: Olivia Lanchester

Run an annual competition seeking Australia's net zero energy homes. Promote the prize winner(s) and ask them for best tips on energy efficiency, including the cost of solar technology and reduction of energy bills.

  1. Turnbullshitinto policy

    A big idea by: Barney Boland

    Please don't do your own dentistry. Seek someone who has the training and experience to fulfil your needs in that area.The same applies in choosing the people to run the energy sector.Electricians should run the system NOT politicians or academics.

  2. Education For Future Workforce.

    A big idea by: Ottorino Dugo

    There should be an urgent push in creating or even doubling the number of IT courses and degrees available in the very near future throughout the entire education spectrum. The extrordiny speed at which technology is currently going

  3. solar batteries

    A big idea by: steve cornish

    Simple; instead of the government putting money into a dying power station, invest that money into those that have solar panels by giving everyone a battery.... therefor removing them from the grid and taking pressure off the whole system!

  4. Be aware of energy switch comparisons

    A big idea by: JO-ANNE COCKBURN

    After receiving a whopping $1200 energy bill @ 36 cents per kw/hour, I did an online energy company comparison and discovered QEnergy who only charges 22 cents per kw/hour - locked in at that rate for 2 years.

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The Energy Crisis

The Future of Work

Housing Affordability

Thriving Kids