How can we make cleaner energy choices in our homes and workplaces?

What’s the Problem?

We are at the cusp of a big transformation as our electricity sector transitions from a highly centralised high-carbon generation system, to more diversified, distributed and cleaner energy system. A big shift is coming as global trends shift away from high emissions coal and invest in cleaner technologies in a bid to combat climate change.

If we do not adequately address the need to reduce emissions, the impacts of climate change on our economy could potentially have profoundly damaging consequences on our economy, especially for sectors like agriculture and tourism. Yet, we need to ensure that a smooth, fair and expeditious transition to a clean energy system is does not compromise the reliability of electricity for households. Considering that 65 per cent of our coal-fired electricity generators will be past their design life between now and 2040, what are the protections that need to be put in place to ensure adequate supply?

As politicians debate over the best way the country can reduce emissions, what are your ideas on what we can do to make cleaner energy choices in our homes and workplaces?

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